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Embrace change

Restructuring and transforming

The speed of technological and business innovation has increased the frequency and importance of change.  We help struggling entities to design and implement strategies allowing them to breakeven and return to profitability.

Our turnaround of a business can cover, but are not limited to the followings:

  • Analyze the current situation
  • Identify key challenges and opportunities
  • Draft a revised strategy
  • Prepare an action plan
  • Assist in implementation

Learning about your idea

Transforming an idea into a business is the hardest part. Here comes our role at Yemnak where ideas are remolded into tangible and profitable outcomes.

Research & market analysis

Our experts will help you identify key success factors, understand competition, determine barriers to entry & define your unique selling point.

Business plan

Based on the thorough research & market analysis, Yemnak will prepare a detailed business plan and set a timeline to start the business.

 Empowering Your Business Growth, Digitally and Financially!

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